Inter-row / In-row work

Inter-row agricultural machines designed for soil cultivation and in-row lawn maintenance (or throughfall), in vineyards, orchards and olive groves or other farming arranged in rows or grape awnings.

Made with quality raw materials and technological solutions of strength and versatility: indeed it is possible to combine the tool carrier frame with various accessories, such as weeding blades, traction discs or circular cutters to reach a complete rows processing.

Middle and Sub-row

Inter-row agricultural machines created in order to combined work of cultivator and inter-row machine within planting layout. Reinforced steel springs and strong frames allow you to cope with any farmland.

Inter-row hoer kit positioned on the right or both sides allow accurate maintenance of the sub-row and possibility to install various driving and non-driving tools, thanks to their modularity.


The grubber (also called cultivator) is an agricultural machine equipped with springs, usually used after plowing for a seedbed rough preparation or for "minimum tillage", an agricultural practice that replaces traditional plowing, from here the name "Tiller".

The machine, equipped with rear rollers, generally cage or spiked, allows a partial soil leveling.

Subsoilers for vineyard

Subsoilers or Scarifiers or Rippers are agricultural machines useful for moving the vineyard compact soil by means a series of vertical grooves which, depending soil mechanical features, may or not produce the clods crumbling, improving water drainage.

Arrizza make its own solutions of load-bearing frames in quality steels and safety systems suitable sized to manage even the heaviest efforts. They can also be equipped, in addition to the decompactor activity, by a stainless steel spreader to fertilize.

Aerator and fertilizer subsoiling

The Aerators or Fertilizers are machines created particularly for moving the soil, even in depth, specifically to the compaction point, in order to restore an adequate soil degree about porosity, permeability and aeration without excessively moving the surface layer.

Creating furrows to avoid surface runoff (e.g. the water stagnation on the surface) and through which it is possible to fertilize soil, providing to the plant essential nutrients for its correct growth even in the presence of hard or stony soils.

Prunings management

Once the trimming is completed we'll have the shoots or vine shoots problem managing, indeed one hectare of vineyard produces about 25 quintals every year. Arrizza offers a line of products in order to manage pruning residues efficiently, reducing costs.

To group the pruning residues in the center of row so that it can be chopped, pressed or simply removed, Arrizza proposes its "Swath for pruning", sometimes known as "Swath rake", "Rotary rake" or "Shoots gather for vineyard". To meet the collection of pruning shoots there is the "Rake for pruning".

Pole setter for vineyard

The vineyard planting and generally the others one that require permanent support, cannot be separated from a precise and rigorous poles positioning.

Thanks to high-tech solutions, the Arrizza pole setter for vineyard ensure excellent performance to facilitate the installation of planting layout or rather is the geometric arrangement in rows or rows of plants.

Grapes, Cereal and Starches harvest

ARRIZZA hydraulic LIFTABLE GRAPE and BASIN are designed to adapt all possible operating needs, harvesting grapes or fruit in general, cereals or starchy products, but also processing waste.

Strictly in stainless steel, they can be installed on the tractor or a lift.