Who we are

It was 1984 when, in a sunny village of Chieti province, Mr. Giuseppe Arrizza, not even twenty years old, began to give shape his dream made by an immeasurable passion for mechanics and a farmer’s reality of which he is son, taking charge the local farmers problems and building equipments that could facilitate the fieldwork.

Earlier he takes contact with the abruzzese wine sector: in this area, indeed, before the mechanization, almost all of fieldwork was carried out manually with resulting waste of time, energy and money. In this context, machines such as Cultivators, Vibrocultors, Subsoilers and also the Inter-row machines are born.

Over the years, accumulating experience and thanks to the family help, Arrizza Srl lays the foundations to become a reference point in the sector of Inter-row and In-row machines, specialized to responding at most problematic cases for soil cultivation and weed management within vineyards.

At the begin of new millennium, the regional context comes to be tight, therefore the need arises to look out over the national scene. In this context, start the commercial partnership with the bolognese company Campagnola Srl, which recognizes in the Arrizza’s machines

nonpareil features such as strength, reliability but also an high sensitivity, such as to preserve even the smallest cuttings. More than 10,000 machines sold, numerous patents, quality guaranteed by a totally Made in Italy production, on-time after-sales assistance to satisfy all customer needs, an all over world current commercial network: today the dream of Mr. Giuseppe can be said to have come true.

It is well that those who work with passion have no limits, and this own passion, passed down to the new generations, the new driving force capable to guide the company towards cutting-edge objectives, such as the fully automated 4.0 warehouse and the management of smart factory construction and assembly process.

The land teaches us the meaning of hard work, the harvest expectation and the joy of conviviality.

We at Arrizza have always care about vineyards offering you the best technologies and the most innovative machines.

Arrizza, good agriculture has deep roots.

Agricultural machines for organic farming

The organic crops equipments are designed against weeds, improve soil fertility and increase quantity and quality productions.